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What I can do for you?

  1. I can provide drone coverage anywhere on the island. 
  2. Post-processing services. This means I can film, edit and produce the final project. 

Legal Qualification

I am FAA certified to commercially fly drones. This means I have much more knowledge and know how to legally and safely fly drones in your desired location. Choosing an uncertified pilot can result in high fines and many safety issues.

My Experience

I have been professionally flying drones for over a year now. The projects range from wedding ceremonies, company ads, sailboat videos and non-profit promotion. My career started out in photography/videography so when I produce a drone project I use all of my combined knowledge to deliver the best possible product. Down below you will see samples of my work. Everything you see has been filmed and produced by me.

No two projects are the same. Please take advantage of my free quote service down below.



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