Finding a photographer who's style and work you like can be very hard. Finding one that works with your budget can sometimes be even harder. I want to be able to offer my services to everyone if possible! SO, fill the form out below and I will see if I can work with your budget and package request. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!
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A 50% Initial Payment is required to reserve your date.
This is the number of photos you want to receive, I do not deliver RAW photos. Depending on the type of event, I can normally deliver 50-100 good images per hour. Most photographers include a small amount (typically 25-50 images included for a 1 hour session) and a big up-charge for any additional. Requesting all of the photos to be edited will have a impanct on the total price. If your budget is lower, consider requesting a smaller amount of photos.
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Use this section to ask me any questions and to clue me in on anymore EVENT details I should know about.